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Sat, 18 Feb 2006

AspectJ for 3rd Party Fixes

AspectJ resurged over on TSS and one comment reminded me of the singly most useful thing I've done with it for production purposes: used it to augment a very large third party library. This, of course, is a taboo thing to do, but if the library you are mucking around with is, er, the AspectJ compiler... maybe it is okay?

At the time, anyway, the AspectJ compiler had a useful incremental compilation mode where it would keep metadata in memory and basically have a server compiler process. This is fine and dandy if you don't mind hitting the space bar to do an incremental compile. It turned out to be far easier to instrument the compiler to have it take input from a tcp socket so that an ant task could kick off the incremental compile from IDEA =)

Probably not what people would consider good but it reduced compile time from minutes to seconds =)

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