Brian's Waste of Time

Thu, 22 Jul 2004

Things That Should Not Be

<jstrachan> brianm: some code should arrive soon in groovy where we can 
            auto-download jars & dependencies from maven repos based on class loaders
<jstrachan> philip milne (ex-sun) has done it & plugged it into groovy
<jstrachan> so you can do things like
<jstrachan> new
<jstrachan> and it'll load the latest version of whatnot.jar from maven & add it & 
            dependencies to your classpath & run it
<brianm> hahahahahahaha
<jstrachan> would make scripting & using other libraries/frameworks really easy
<jstrachan> :)
<brianm> remote classlaoader pointed at jar in repo baby
<brianm> why download?

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