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Thu, 19 Feb 2004

Once Again, Groovy Rocks

A big chunk of my day job is on a continuously evolving large application we host. Continuously evolving and hosting together mean lots of database migrations. We've put together a wonderfully handy tool to automate database migrations. It is really just a stateful dependency resolver with convenience things for working on a database. Up until now we've supported migration steps in SQL, BeanShell, and Java. After playing with GroovySql -- we do that now too.

<step name="switch-login-and-passcode" type="groovy">
    <depends name="version-4.2"/>
import groovy.sql.Sql

sql = new Sql(connection)

sql.execute("create table foo as select * from user")
sql.execute("delete from foo")

sql.queryEach("select login, password from user") {
    sql.execute("insert into foo (login, password) values (?, ?)", 
                [it.passcode, it.login])

sql.queryEach("select * from foo") {
    println "Funny Looking Login: ${it.login}"

sql.execute("drop table foo")

I really like OJB (obviously), but O/R mapping is far from the answer all the time =) Groovy SQL rocks.

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