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Thu, 29 Dec 2005

Apache 2.2 and FastCGI

In a great example of convergence, I have been bumping into FastCGI and Apache 2.x all over the place lately. I was able to beg Paul Querna (congrats on being voted in as a member!) into giving me a module writing tutorial at ApacheCon (where the previously mentioned mod_wombat was born) specifically with the intention of putting my money where my mouth is helping with Apache 2 and FastCGI (or Zed Shaw's new SCGI module).

It turns out Paul has beaten me to the punch -- he and Garrett Rooney already have work going on mod_proxy_fcgi in httpd trunk. This should provide remote fcgi instances, all the goodness from mod_proxy_balancer, and places FastCGI in the core of the web server instead of as a third party module! Awesome! It's being worked on in the trunk, but I offered (the email is still in my outbox as I am offline at the moment) to help maintain a 2.2 branch as I'd like to be able to use this Real Soon Now. Of course I have no C or httpd credentials, but that is what patches are for. Hopefully this can be made to work. I used to hack C/C++... a decade ago =) Scrape the rust off and we'll see how it goes.

Along the way I learned that Nick Kew had patched the existing mod_fcgi to work against HTTPD 2.2. The catch is there has been a lot of FUD about mod_fcgi and Apache 2.x, but no one I know has been able to cite exactly what the problem is, just a nebulous "there are issues."

So, big request, if you have had issues with mod_fcgi and Apache 2, please email me ( ) or the FastCGI Developers list and I promise to try and get things fixed even if I have to fix it myself (which would not be real-soon-now as my C is pretty derned tootin rusty, unfortunately, but it'd happen!) but I get the feeling a lot of the httpd hackers would like to lay this to rest =)

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