Brian's Waste of Time

Tue, 07 Mar 2006

Chapter 2: In Which Susie Lays Down the Smack

Susie corrects an issue with some sharp words =)

Oracle has been making a lot of noise about open source lately. Sadly, some reporters take everything in a press release at face value. Whether Oracle is knowingly wrong or some guy said "it's mentioned as an option for authentication, so it must be embedded," is an open question. Considering how much ASF software is embedded in Oracle products, and how careful they are with intellectual property, I should think they know better than to release a factually wrong press release. Oh well.

On the other hand, I do really like Susie's suggestion that Oracle release BDB under a ASL compatible license -- then it very likely might be embedded like sdbm as it is a damned good database.

Aside from Oracle, I should think that no reporter would just repeat a press release as fact. Has fact checking become passe? I know it is amongst bloggers, but don't all the traditional journalists keep decrying bloggers for just those things? Doh!

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