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Sun, 08 Apr 2007

Skim Rocks

Stumbled across Skim, an open source PDF reader for OS X. It crushes Preview. It has a good full screen mode, supports annotations/notes, and has a few other nifties. As the author puts it, "Skim is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF. Skim includes many features and has a great user interface. Stop printing and start skimming."

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Fri, 10 Dec 2004

Bwana Guud

via Sylvain -- Bwana is nice (for you OS X folks out there). Need to make a Quicksliver plugin for it now.

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Tue, 16 Dec 2003


I ranted in a (now yanked) article. I apologize.

1.upto 100 do puts 'Do not blog in anger.' end

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Fri, 05 Dec 2003

Eclipse on OS X and Nasty Fonts

Has anyone succeded in making Eclipse look good on a Powerbook? I cannot find a font that the anti-aliasing doesn't reduce to fuzzy niblets, and cannot find a way to turn off anti-aliasing. OTOH, the latest 2.X release on OS X is finally fast enough to not be painful for that reason.

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Wed, 30 Jul 2003

Too Cool
Was playing with my lappy today and found something new...

[mccallister@kite ~]$mount /dev/disk0s5 on / (local) devfs on /dev (local) fdesc on /dev (union) on /.vol (read-only) automount -fstab [325] on /Network/Servers (automounted) automount -static [325] on /automount (automounted) on /Volumes/ (nodev, nosuid, read-only, mounted by mccallister) on /Volumes/ (nodev, nosuid, read-only, mounted by mccallister) [mccallister@kite ~]$ [mccallister@kite ~]$ [mccallister@kite ~]$df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/disk0s5 37G 18G 19G 48% / devfs 1.0k 1.0k 0 100% /dev fdesc 1.0k 1.0k 0 100% /dev 512k 512k 0 100% /.vol 1.0G 1.0G 0 100% /Volumes/ 1.0G 1.0G 0 100% /Volumes/ [mccallister@kite ~]$
I likee

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