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Sun, 15 Jan 2006

LazyWeb: Learning Maths

Sometime, while at university, I opted to stop studying math. Stupid idea, I know, but I did a lot of stupid things then (and probably still do). Now I keep running into walls where a topic I am trying to learn about breaks out math far beyond the calc 2 I progressed through. I need to remedy my crap knowledge in this field, but am not sure the best way to do it.

So, anyone with good suggestions please send them my way! I can read and learn from scholarly articles, enjoy text books, and am happy to ramble about total crap ad nauseum (I have a blog, don't I)? I am worried that the correct answer is "bike over to Stanford a couple times a week" as I don't think I can commit that much structured time at the moment (if they could schedule classes where you show up three times a week for a few hours a pop, but when those times work for you within a given week, that would be a different story).

My goal is a useful working knowledge, not just a rough understanding of concepts. I want to be able to actually think, not just read about things and feel 747's full of knowledge whizzing over my head.


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