Brian's Waste of Time

Fri, 10 Aug 2007

Oh, the Irony of "Score Another for Clarity and Transparency"

Rich, as you know, and has been said many times, it isn't a GPL versus BSD^w ASL thing for Harmony -- it is getting the TCK for Harmony in a manner which is compatible with actually releasing it Harmony under the Apache License. Hint, the FOU restrictions offered to Harmony would also be incompatible with the GPL ;-)

The statement:

There are fundamental principles and goals that separately define the GPL and Apache Software Licenses. Unlike the GPL, the Apache open source license does not require innovation to remain in the open. Java technology governed by the Apache license could be altered by any organization -- commercial or non-profit -- and rendered both incompatible and inaccessible to the community. The trust and value of "Write Once Run Anywhere" could not be upheld.

Is pure misinformation and FUD :-( I'd like to say I expected more, but...

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