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Wed, 30 Nov 2005

Some (Possibly) Useful Tools

I saw Bruce's post about (the incredibly useful) pbcopy/pbpaste today. They rock! That said, they are not quite what I need a lot of times, so here are a couple quick tools I whipped together for ye shell bangers.

get and put : These are basically a clipboard for the shell. Get takes input from standard in and stashes it. It is like yank or copy in a gui. Put does the opposite, it takes whatever get stashed and spews it to standard out (paste). No biggie, but useful: (I inserted the blank lines in the output, for readability)

brianm@kite:~/src/activemq$ cat | get

brianm@kite:~/src/activemq$ cd ../wombatattack

brianm@kite:~/src/wombatattack$ put >

brianm@kite:~/src/activemq$ cd ../wombatdefense

brianm@kite:~/src/wombatdefense$ put >

Now, the more fun tools are push and pop which are like put and get except they operate on a stack =)

brianm@kite:~/src/jdbi$ for x in $(find . -name Test*.java); do echo $x | push; done 

brianm@kite:~/src/jdbi$ pop

brianm@kite:~/src/jdbi$ pop

brianm@kite:~/src/jdbi$ pop

brianm@kite:~/src/jdbi$ pop --clear

The shocking part is that, as far as I know, these type of tools aren't part of the standard shell environment!

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