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Wed, 06 Apr 2005

When April Fishes Go Bad

Just need to convince O'Reilly to actually publish it...

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Thu, 03 Mar 2005

Fear teh Aspects!

Aspect Oriented... Common Lisp! and SQL!

The Lisp one is actually interesting, as to my understanding (limited!) AspectJ was an attempt to port the Meta Object Protocol (MOP) upon which CLOS is based to Java... But my understanding of MOP and CLOS is pretty limited, so is pure hearsay.

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Fri, 03 Dec 2004

Lisp is Cool, Smalltalk Scares Me

I grabbed the pre-release pdf's of Peter Seibel's Practical Common Lisp, upcoming from APress, because, while I played with Scheme a lot this past year, I have not played with macros at all. In skimming Peter's pdf's, he introduces macros the way that the lispers I know talk about them -- as a core piece of lisp which you should learn right up front.

Through chapter three, playing in the repl and reading the chapters, and beating away (I pre-empted his macros for criteria resolution in the db system built in chapter 3, but I suspect the macro-based system he builds up to is more efficient, and is certainly less code) at the code he introduces (ie, use his, break his, implement it slightly differently, curse as I keep getting dropped into the debugger (nice feature!) as things break...).

Ah well, I digress. I thought just the design options of functional abstraction I've been exploring in scheme have been cool, need to go back and play with macros there. I keep getting caught in schemisms in common lisp =( Ah well, play on!

  (create-book :Title "Practical Common Lisp" 
               :Author "Peter Seibel"
               :Keywords (list "lisp" "macros" "programming" "brain pain")) 

Smalltalk, on the other hand, is frightening! I posted my joke about Aspect Oriented Inversion of Control (with Blocks!), redubbed IoC Type 6 by Geert, and no sooner does 1) jez say ~"I was thinking about doing that, actually", and 2) Binkley says ~"what's the big deal, Smalltalk does it now."

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